Inside on the crypto market

Insider information is unpublished information about the internal affairs of the company, which can affect the market value of securities. You need to be able to find and analyze insider information in order to trade less risky and more profitably.

A crypto trader needs insider information. For what?

Insider information from a trusted source is a valuable gift for every trader. You can predict in which direction the market will move.

Yes, you won’t be able to know exactly how many percent’s the value of the cryptocurrency will change, and at what minute or even an hour, it will happen. But at least you will approximately know what should happen to the currency about which the insider appeared: should we expect its growth or vice versa — can it fall in price?

Such information allows a cryptocurrency trader to:

- reduce the risks of losses
- get a good profit
- get rid of risky assets and buy promising coins

Resources of insider information appears «above», from the following persons:

- large players who either have rich experience and can approximately predict further events, or have large volumes of cryptocurrency, and can artificially affect the price
- experienced analysts
- investors who plan to carry out a major operation (purchase a large amount, thereby increasing the value of their chosen currency)
- developers and employees of large exchanges (such information rarely even gets into paid access, but it happens)

Where to find insider?

You can search for free information on such sources:

- Video channels on YouTube dedicated to cryptocurrency trading. An important nuance: it is in trade, and not in mining. And ideally, you need to watch English-language channels — there important content appears more often and earlier than in the Russian-speaking segment.
- Bitcoin talk Forum (English-speaking, but there is also a Russian-speaking thread).
- Official websites of cryptocurrency developers. A serious minus: since there are many currencies, there are also a lot of sites. Therefore, to follow all at once is almost unrealistic.
- Russian-language Telegram channels.
- Russian-language forums and sites dedicated to crypto trading.

Usually on free channels information is often duplicated. Russian-language resources — it gets with a delay.

Paid sources:

- sites with paid access
- mailing on e-mail and in social networks: they are offered by some bloggers and traders
- closed channels in the Telegram (access to which is issued for money)
- closed sections on the forums

In closed sources, information can also be duplicated, but part of the unverified and of little use data is screened out. As a result, a user who willing to pay receives a squeeze from the most important information.

Should you trust insider?

Trust is worth it, but only to signals from trusted sources. For example, if you see news in English in a magazine like the New York Times that Mark Zuckerberg will invest $100 million in some cryptocurrencies in a month, this is definitely worth the signal. And the source is reliable and well-known, and the event itself is more than significant. Therefore, this information can be trusted, and you can buy the named coins.

You should be wary of information from paid channels — even if it is a source with an impeccable reputation, which is rarely mistaken. therefore, the final decision is always left to the user, — no one gives a 100% guarantee.

Signals from free sources — you need to trust in the last turn. Such channels usually don’t bother too much with checking the information received, and are ready to publish any news. However, they are also worth paying attention to when comparing information from different channels.