Don Malaya

“Author & Chief Trainer at Mocaz Financial Market”
- Expert No. 1 in financial management
- Cryptocurrency expert

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Forex Trading
Stock market

Education and career

Trading Specialist Trainer at Mocaz Financial Market

Blitz interview

Norabidin Basiran is a full-time professional trader and trading mentor with 8 Years of experience in a trading instrument with focusing on Forex Futures Market, Commodities and Metal Market.
In recent years, his unique trading approach in trading information had many open eyes by using the Institution Orderflow. His approach using the unique software called Bookmap is the game changer for the trader. Bookmap appeared helpful in terms of the order flow visualisation. The possibility of missing information about market activity is almost zero. With the new features, all important market data can be easily displayed to get a better insight into the market movement.
He also the full-time writer at which provides a deep analysis based on real institution activity. He also a contributing author for several publications on on the importance of the order book and related topics.
Norabidin basin currently a Trading Specialist Trainer at Mocaz Financial Market. He also the author of Introduction to Depth of Market (Theory & Practical) published in 2016.