Marcello Arrambide

“CEO and Founder of Day Trading Academy”

Key competencies

Day Trading

Blitz interview

Marcello Arrambide, CEO and Founder of Day Trading Academy (DTA), started DTA out of the demand from other traders. He has been in this industry for 18 years and has been developing and sharing trading techniques for the last 10 years. One unique aspect of Marcello is his love for travel – in fact, he has been to over 140 countries and all 7 continents since he started trading. And that’s not to mention that he has lived in 12 countries. He shares his traveling experiences on Wandering Trader. Taking out a loan in the amount of $25,000 to start trading, he lost that in a month buying software programs and day trading indicators that he didn’t need. Day Trading Academy is unique from other day trading platforms in the sense that they don’t sell any software, bot or indicator to you. You get to work with real traders who are actively involved in trading. This is far much better than other platforms whereby you’re trained by people who trade on demo only to share fake screenshots to depict “success”. Marcello wants to teach people how to day trade so they could do it on their own, and achieve true freedom in their lives. The objective of Day Trading Academy is to fund students who successfully go through their program. The successful student can be funded in the amount of $25,000 - $250,000 contingent on passing ONE test. This is a fantastic growth opportunity for a trader! DTA’s “Congressive” trading system is taught when the markets are live which is unlike other programs that are offered based on recorded videos.