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Thomas Yin is the CEO and founder of Online Guru Trader Pte Ltd and he’s been trading the financial markets for over 20 years since 1996 at the age of 20. He successfully devised a trading strategy called “Trade To Win Formula” which has enable him to be consistently profitable since 2010 trading stocks, forex, options and futures.

He started in 2012 to share with the public what he trades with his own money in real time. The aim was to impact the trading community that success in trading can be achieved through his ultimate trading success formula (Trade To Win Formula)

By end 2015, the real time trades that he shared with the public made over 220% returns on capital after 4 years, an average of over 50% returns on capital per year trading mainly U.S. stocks and forex.

In his annual market outlook to a live audience in December 2015, Thomas forecasted that crude oil was going to bottom out within 3 months (it bottomed out two months later at $26.05 in Feb 2016). He went on to forecast that crude oil will move up to test above $60. Crude oil went on to trade above $75 in 2018 which is almost 300% increase in from $26.05 in Feb 2016 to $76.90 in October 2018.

He and his trading community short-sold GBP/USD in May 2016 before Brexit referendum in June 2016 and profited over 400 pips just by using his Trade To Win Formula.

In his live annual market outlook in December 2017, he forecasted that gold would go down after moving up to test around 1360 to 1377. Gold move to a high of 1369 4 months later (in April 2018) before going all the way down to 1167 in August 2018.

During the same market outlook, he cautioned his trading community to be cautious for the fourth quarter of 2018 when trading the U.S. stock market. The Dow Jones Index, one of the market barometers for U.S. stock market, dropped from an all-time historic high of 26966 in October 2018 to 21452 in December (over 20% percent drop in less than 3 months during the fourth quarter of 2018). The other indexes like S&P and Nasdaq suffered similar fate during the same period.

These were just some of his trade calls and market forecasts that he shares with the public. Through, Thomas continues with his lifelong goal of improving the quality of lives of the masses through applying his Trade To Win formula in stocks, forex, options and futures as he believes that the process of being profitable consistently is the same across all markets.

Topic: Trading Secrets That Even Professionals Don't Want You To Know
Trading Secrets That Even Professionals Don't Want You To Know
Thomas Yin
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